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At Modern Muses, we believe in the power of simplicity, purity, and the artistry of nature. Our vision is to create a world where every daily ritual becomes a moment of self-care, where the ordinary transforms into extraordinary through the touch of handmade craftsmanship.


In our vision, sustainability and luxury coexist harmoniously. We are committed to using eco-friendly materials and processes, ensuring that every product not only indulges your senses but also respects the environment. We believe that true luxury lies in the thoughtful choices we make for ourselves and the planet.


At Modern Muses, we envision our products as catalysts for transformative self-care experiences. We aspire to be more than just a brand; we want to be a companion on your journey to wellness. Whether it's the soothing touch of our handmade soaps or the calming ambiance of our candles, we aim to create moments that rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.


Our brand vision invites you to join us in celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary. We want to inspire a community that appreciates the finer details, values self-care, and seeks beauty in simplicity. With Modern Muses, let's embark on a journey where every product is a reminder that life's most beautiful moments are often found in the small, intentional choices we make every day.

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Settareh & Daniela are Designers, Thinkers & Collaborators. Modern Muses started in 2018 is based out in LA, driven by a dream of creating. What first started out as crafting gifts for our family and friends soon developed into a passion that we wanted to expand. We pride ourselves of our process and  attention to detail by investing time into the items we make. We are friends that empower each other, take risks and bring each other balance into the vision ahead of us. We are modern entrepreneurs and we hope you love our products as much as we do and continue on this journey alongside us.

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